Pack 77 scouts

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Pack 77 Wolf Leader Resources

The pdf files below are meeting handouts to help you with Wolf requirements, electives, and other fun scouting activities.

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Overall Cub Scout Wolf Requirements

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Cub Scout Wolf Requirements


Learn About Your State Flag

Wolf Reqt 2D virginia flag.pdf


Track Your Health Habits

Wolf Reqt 3A health chart.pdf

3A +


Track Your Health Habits and Know Your Home and Community

Wolf Reqt 3A and 4A to 4D scrapbook.pdf


Study the Food Guide Pyramid

Wolf Reqt 8A food pyramid poster.pdf

Wolf Reqt 8A food pyramid small.pdf




Cub Scout Wolf Electives


Use a Secret Code

Wolf Elec 1A star wars secret code.pdf


Make a Drawing

Wolf Elec 12A Draw a picture.pdf


Tell a Cartoon Story

Wolf Elec 12B cartoon sequence.pdf

17A - 17E

Tie It Right (Knots)

Wolf Elec 17A to E Tie knots.pdf


Three-Team Treasure Hunt around Redfields Lake

Wolf Elec 18C Redfields Lake treasure hunt.pdf

23 B, C, D

Hiking Safety

Wolf Elec 23B C D hiking safety.pdf