Pack 77 scouts

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Pack 77 Tiger Leader Resources

The pdf files below are meeting handouts to help you with Tiger requirements, electives, and other fun scouting activities.

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Overall Cub Scout Tiger Requirements

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Cub Scout Tiger Requirements


Visit an Historical Building or Museum

Tiger Reqt 1G exploring_monticello.pdf


Make a Food Guide Pyramid

Tiger Reqt 3D food pyramid poster.pdf

Tiger Reqt 3D food pyramid small.pdf


Make Leaf Rubbings

Tiger Reqt 5D Cville Leaf guide.pdf




Cub Scout Tiger Electives



Tiger Elec 1 Celebrations.pdf


Making Change

Tiger Elec 13 Making Change.pdf


Magic Tricks

Tiger Elec 19 Magic Tricks.pdf




Other Useful Cub Scout Tiger Information

Tiger Paw Progress Tracker Beads Instructions