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Pack 77 Raingutter Regatta

YOU GOTTA REGATTA!! Don't miss the 4th annual Raingutter Regatta race on Sunday November 15th 2015 from 3:30-5:30pm at Cale!!

Trimaran boat kits are being distributed to Den leaders and Dens will put them together at November Den meetings. The kits are easy to assemble - just shape the outriggers with sandpaper, paint, and decorate. The race is open to all Scouts and Den Chiefs and their parents/siblings. Come join in the racing fun !! Check out some of our craziest boats below !!

Pack 77 Boat Picture Gallery (BB-8 boat for 2015 is fastest in Pack history !!):

Regatta KitBB-8 BoatR2-D2 BoatSmaug BoatPony Shark BoatValentin Boat

Pack 77 Raingutter Regatta Tracks and Racers in Action:

Pack 77 Raingutter Regatta TrackPack 77 Raingutter Regatta Track

Racers in ActionRacers in Action

Race Details

- Sail Rule - Sails cannot be creased, folded or wrapped around boat mast - must use two holes in sail and main sail between holes must not touch front of mast. See tips sheet for best "legal" sail configuration.

- Important paint rule - NO WATER-BASED PAINT MAY BE USED (duh !!).

- We will use our Pinewood Derby electronic timing system with four race lanes, with all racer categories mixed randomly in a given heat.

- Each participant will have four runs, lowest total time wins in each category.

- Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded in Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and All-Comers categories. Also, again for this year: trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place fan favorites !!

- All-Comers open to siblings and parents of all Den Chiefs and Scouts (Den Chiefs will also race in this category). If you don't want to make a new boat, you can race one from last year (but all Cub Scouts must make a new one each year or otherwise they must race as an All-Comer).

- Extra kits for All-Comers available from Eric for $5.49 - payable to Pack 77. The Scout Shop does not carry many of them !!

- Raceday timing (Volunteers needed - see below !!): Setup at Cale: 1:00-2:00pm, Open Track for Practice Runs: 1:45-3:15pm, Race Starts: 3:30pm sharp

Pack 77 Raingutter Regatta 2015 Details

2015 Raceday Details, Times, and Volunteers/Equipment Needed

2015 Raingutter Regatta Rules and Tips/Hints Sheet


Pack 77 Raingutter Regatta Results

Raingutter Regatta Results - 2015

Subgroup Standings 2015 (pdf)

Overall Round Standings 2015 (pdf)

Results for all 50 heats 2015 (pdf)

Lane Statistics 2015 (pdf)

Fan Favorites: (1) Kyle C (SS Fat Guy), (2) Jackson L (Killer Wolf), (3) Tristan R (The Flying Dutchman).

Raingutter Regatta Results - 2014

Subgroup Standings 2014 (pdf)

Overall Round Standings 2014 (pdf)

Results for all 50 heats 2014 (pdf)

Lane Statistics 2014 (pdf)

Fan Favorites: (1) Jack W (The Doctor), (2) Eric C (Dragons Rule), (3) William K (Tekki Tiger)

Raingutter Regatta Results - 2013

2013 Overall Round Standings

Raingutter Regatta Results - 2012

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